Customer Reviews for Country Sampler's Home Tours 2015

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June 19, 2015
John P
I enjoying Country Sampler my wife started getting them back in 06 she passed in 2010. I kept getting the magazines and have kept every book. I love antiques and these books gives me tons of inspiring ideas. Sometimes I am so stunned by stories I read how people who's home's are featured in the magazine . Their displaying tip's are just exactly how I do things myself with just using my own imagination . I love the old homes that are featured also the home's that are new but built in the pre 19th century style. I have collected several antiques over the past 5 yrs after the passing of my wife ..When going to yard sales if something jumps out at me that looks like it has seen its last day's. I never just discard the attraction I may have for it because of the condition it is in. I buy it, most time I come to find that all it needs is a little TLC. also have found that most of the time these items are some of my most favorite pieces..I learn new techniques and love to see how other's display antiques in their homes.I have spent ton's of hours pouring over my collection of country sampler. I found while doing so that my taste for things I may have not been interested in before become a big interest to me...I am a forever country sampler subscriber ...
January 6, 2015
Sharon J
I love Country Sampler I keep every book I get it's a wonderful book, it has all kinds of ideas, just love it.