Celebrate Life Bargain 4-Pack

Celebrate Life Bargain 4-Pack

Save 75% off the cover price when you order this special 4-pack collection of Country Sampler's lifestyle issues.

Dive into this photo-rich collection, packed with ideas for all of those special moments in your life—from rustic weddings to living simply to modern country to everyday life. The pages of these issues provide inspiration for making the days of your life special and beautiful. Not only can you create unique designs for the rooms inside your home, but you can also cultivate your flower beds and landscaping to beautify your outdoors space.

Issues include: Rustic Weddings 2017, Living Simply 2017, Everyday Life 2017 and Modern Country 2018. We reserve the right to substitute for out-of-stock items.

Our Price: $9.99

Note about Presale Orders: Presale issues will ship to customers when they become available, usually 2 weeks before the on-sale date.

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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 1 customer.)
July 26, 2019
Della A
I love, love, LOVE anything from Country Sampler. I use nearly all the ideas submitted in the magazines. Love reading articles about fellow antique collectors and how they place their collections in their houses displayed in the magazine. The only problem with Country Sampler is that it causes problems in my marriage! My husband complains about clutter from stacked up magazines, so I got all my Country Samplers put online, but I prefer the real thing. I enjoyed reading the magazines on my iPad but when I fall asleep while reading, the magazine is so much softer than the iPad! There is nothing better than taking Country Sampler to bed with me and fall asleep with all the marvelous ideas dancing in my head! But, Country Sampler has given me ideas on how to neatly store my mags away where my husband can't complain! So I am going back to the softer version of Country Sampler and getting them in the mail, rather than online!

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