Country Sampler Farmhouse Style 2018

Country Sampler Farmhouse Style 2018

Bring today's downhome looks to your home with inspirational farmhouse tours, creative DIY projects, barnwood beauties, mouthwatering recipes and more!
  • Discover how homeowners across the country have given their homes updated farmhouse style.
  • Learn how to add rustic walls to any room, whether shiplap, board-and-batton, wood pallet or galvanized metal.
  • Go crazy for this collection of super-cute chicken coops, and gain tips on getting started with your first backyard chickens.
  • Do it yourself with our step-by-step instructions for farm-style home decor for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath.
  • Put something delicious on the table with the old-fashioned goodness of farm-to-table recipes.
  • Plus much more!
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August 9, 2018
Patty O
Hi I recently got a subscription can you let me know if it's all in place and when I'll receive my first mag. Thank you
June 3, 2018
Rebecca M
I love this magazine and every single page! Imagine my disappointment there are no other issues, how sad. After one issue I am in deep depression, needing more Country Sampler Farmhouse.
Customer Service

Rebecca - Rebecca, we're happy to let you know that Farmhouse Style will be offered as a quarterly magazine and available as both a subscription and on the newsstand. The website for the magazine isn't operating yet, but will be soon. You can find more information at in the next couple of weeks.
May 2, 2018
Katrina M
I recently bought an issue of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style off the newsstand and I absolutely love it! I am in the process of redecorating my home to the country farmhouse style and I love the inspirational ideas I get from this magazine. If this is a magazine that I can subscribe to, I would love to do that!

Thank you so much!
Katrina McKenney
February 15, 2018
Sharon F
I love this magazine. Please, please, please keep publishing Farmhouse Style.
February 5, 2018
Kay C
I recently received my 1st. Issue of “Farmhouse Magazine”. This magazine is a reflections of all things I hold close to my heart. My mind wandered back to my childhood memories of traveling to the mid-west every year to visit my grandparents Berry Farm. Our hands and faces would be purple or red from the berries we picked and of course sampled.They had rolling hill after rolling hill of every assortment of berries you wanted. The homestead was a very quaint “Basement House”, Barn, Shed and a Cellar packed to the rafters of all kinds of canned foods and baskets filled with the other crops like corn, potatoes, etc. We made corn husk dolls other crafts grandma would share.And of course the cinnamon buns she had rising on the pot bellied stove. I could go on and on but I won’t. I want to say however, about “Farnhouse Magazine” DO NOT Change a thing! This magazine is everything I could want a magazine to have. Projects, recipes, articles and so much more. I want to Thank all of you very creative and smart people that you all are for a wonderful read that you have created.
Kay Connelly - Surprise, AZ.

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